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Banking On Bowen (BOB2) is a reality
June 14, 2007, 11:05 pm
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Banking on Bowen is now a reality! 

Last weekend a 4-year personal quest was accomplished.  We opened the FIRST CREDIT UNION – Bowen Island Community Branch. 

Over the years, I have met with North Shore Credit Union, talked to HSBC (they have an "agency branch on some teeny island …. Pender Island… has anyone ever heard of it?), Prospera Credit Union, VanCity, and Coast Capital.  Finally, after going to Texada Island to visit my sister and to do a presentation to their Chamber of Commerce and seeing a building with the sign TEXADA CREDIT UNION on an island of 1200 people, I vented for so long that my brother-in-law, Larry Clarke said that he had just joined the Board of the Powell River Credit Union (BC’s FIRST Credit Union…thus the name change) and would I mind if he spoke to their CEO.  Well, after a phone call or 10, a flurry of emails throiugh November and December and a tour of Bowen with Dave Craigen and Valerie Carlsen in January the branch became a reality on June 9, 2007. 

Attached is a brochure I did to explain the workings of the Credit Union to the Island community.

Brochure_bowen credit union3

L to R – Matt Maxwell, Murray Atherton, Lois (Joanell) & Larry Clarke

Bowen Branch Staff:  Julia Simpson, Grace Brind (Branch Manager, Naomi Nabata and Richard Scott (in the background).

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