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VCM Weekly E-News
February 28, 2007, 5:24 am
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VCM Weekly E-News

Shoestring Marketing

A limited budget does not mean your marketing ideas have to be limited. Shoestring marketing is about making more money with less effort; it’s about growing your business without spending unnecessary dollars by looking for unique communication opportunities. Every interaction you have provides an opportunity to build public relations and business growth. The key is to focus on ensuring that each interaction is consistent with your brand and provides value by making meaningful contributions to the lives of those you communicate with. The following are 10 ways to create meaningful connections and leverage your marketing investment:

1. Develop an Integrated Approach- Everything you do has the same look and feel.

2. Create Strategic Alliances – Find an individual or company that is connected in the industry that has a different expertise than you do, align your business with theirs.

3. Find a Champion – Find someone supportive of your business and can connect you with key decision makers.

4. Befriend Your Competitors – Many established businesses refer customers to a competitor when they don’t have time to handle the business themselves.

5. Bundle your Services – Bring together a group of businesses and pool your funds.

6. Contra Promotion – Find another business that wants to connect with your target market, trade promotional opportunities, literature, display brochures.

7. Barter – Exchange services for others you need.

8. Co-op Advertising – Use funds, discounted offers, etc. from supported marketing efforts.

9. Use Small Ads – These are just as effective as large ads.

10. Model Success – Look for successful businesses inside and outside your industry and model their ideas.

These tips are from David Saxby, professional speaker, consultant and specialist in marketing strategy. For more information call him at 1-877-800-3457 or email at

Source: February 2007


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